Contest: #PitMad Critiques


Sanctum Review


This is how it almost always goes. You sign into Amazon looking for a quick read, something cheap maybe, and come across those 99 cent books that make you wonder if they are going to be any good, but you buy them anyways cause they don’t cost much. Don’t deny it, everyone does it at some point in time. What’s the general outcome? The books aren’t that great. Right? Which is a sad thing to say, but kind of expected when something is so little or free. Continue reading



I’ve been thinking about technology. Mainly because my current thesis for my writing program is a YA Dystopian set between a hundred and two hundred years into our future. Also, I’ve been watching Hunger Games: Catching Fire on repeat since it arrived in my mailbox. No, I am not ashamed of this fact as the movie was amazing and better than the first. And because of the critiques I’ve been getting back as well as this movie I’ve pretty much had technology on the brain for about the past month.

I’ve gone through one rewrite of the technology in my thesis so far, which I don’t have an issue with. Originally I had computers updated to be called Datapads, etc etc. But apparently this wasn’t futuristic enough. I’ve now been told that further updating of the technology is still a little too close to what we could possibly have within the next fifty years. I find this interesting because I highly doubt we are going to have wall cubicles that can faze in and out of existence within the next fifty, but hey you never know. I could be very wrong and I don’t pretend to be at all an expert in these things. Continue reading

Let it Go, Let it Go…


Since Frozen came out back in November there has been non-stop talk about Idina Menzel’s award winning song ‘Let it Go.’ And why shouldn’t there be? It’s an amazing song which I admittedly sing along to almost every day in my car. No shame. No Shame. Image

(Yes, I started this way just so I could show that amazing gif of Woody Harrelson. If you haven’t see Now You See Me – SHAME ON YOU! But this post isn’t about movies. Not really.)

Getting back to ‘Let it Go,’ what I have also found is a million and one rewrites of this song. Not only has Disney put out a multi-language version, but my Facebook has given me non-stop giggles too. My writer friends have come up with new fitting lyrics to this song. Nikki, a friend in my writing program, came up with one of the best I’ve seen in relation to writing:

Let it go, let it go,
Can’t revise that anymore.
Let it go, let it go,
I’ll never get on to page four.
I don’t care what they’re going to say
Revise on-
All first drafts kinda suck anyway.

After her display of musical talent, a few others commented/posted blogs on revision and how it’s hard. This blog is not about revision. It’s about procrastination. I find myself humming along to this song as I look for any way to get out of editing/writing my current manuscript. Aka the thesis from hell. Currently I am dealing with technology issues. Making sure I don’t over or under do it.

Everyone seems to think procrastination is bad. I think though in moderation it is what brings us back around to our writing and work. From what I have found when the procrastination bug bites me — where is Wreck-It-Ralph when you need him? — I often need the hours, days, week that I’m stuck to work out the issue or refuel my tank. Every writer I know says ‘You need to write every day, even if it’s only an hour.’ Okay, I can understand where they are coming from. It creates a habit. Lovely. But! I’m not so sure it is good to force yourself to write. If what comes out is shit that you’re going to end up cutting in the end, then why force it? Instead take the time to do something that will help you produce stronger prose. Continue reading

The Graduate


Two years ago saw me as a slightly more confident, yet still very inexperienced writer. As a junior at High Point University, the Disney World of colleges, I had already passed through all of my general education courses and was finally doing the writing I wanted. The kind that let me write about dragons, deadly sins and royals who fused masks to their faces. Not necessarily all in the same story….but now I’ve got and idea. 😉 just kidding. Yet, I still had people looking down on me for my writing choices. Because in undergrad its not about what you like. It’s about what the education system thinks the general population enjoys. So what did I learn? Not much. After realizing I only had about a year and a half left to soak up as much information on the art of writing basic Fiction, I made the decision to pursue a graduate degree.

Whether you are a writer or a reader you are aware of the stigma that surrounds genre writers. Young Adult, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction/Fantasy…it doesn’t matter!…if you are interested in these topics and not literature then you’ve had a lot of noses turned up on you. Guess what I have to say to that? EW look at all the boogers. Personally I find literature, classic or modern, boring, depressing and pretentious. Maybe because that’s how ‘lit’ writers have come off/treated me. So, to get back to my original topic, I decided to go to a graduate school that focused in Genre Fiction. Unfortunately, the majority of graduate programs for writing focus solely on basic Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and (if you’re lucky) Screenwriting. And as many writers, who have walked this path before me, know ‘fiction’ in a graduate program generally means literature and not genre fiction. Continue reading